Regenerative Tourism: A powerful force for good  

16 / Jan / 2023

By Alejandra Monge - Executive Director of the Corcovado Foundation We are promoting regenerative tourism as a power to encourage coexisting and thriving Joining the tourism industry can be great motivation to promote ecosystem conservation. A farmer can sell a...

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2nd edition of the Seeds with Identity Festival in Drake Bay.

24 / Nov / 2022

As part of its regenerative agriculture program, the Corcovado Foundation will be celebrating the second edition of the Seeds with Identity will be celebrating the second edition of the Seeds with Identity Festival in Drake Bay, where twenty-five regenerative farmers...

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Help us fund our Non profit Biohostel!

08 / Sep / 2022 This Biohostel is owned and operated by the Corcovado Foundation. The Biohostel is the home of our environmental education, regenerative agriculture, and restoration program. We do a lot of work, and all of this is possible because we have...

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2000 trees by 2022

08 / Sep / 2022

We are planting trees; these are our babies, growing strong! “You should have seen Helena!” Francisco exclaimed, “she was carrying a heavy backpack, her baby on her thigh, and the basket filled with trees as she walked up the hill!” Francisco...

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Protecting Costa Rica’s Ecosystems

20 / Jan / 2022

by Josie Humbert - Volunteer How two weeks changed my life This past summer, I traveled to Central America to support the work of The Corcovado Foundation, whose mission is to protect Costa Rica’s natural heritage for future generations. By...

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Corcovado Foundation Origins Story

19 / Oct / 2021

By Bradd Johnson - Founding director of the Corcovado Foundation The Corcovado Foundation Origins captures stories of the Osa and the creation and development of the Corcovado Foundation, seen through eyes of some of the people who first brought it to...

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Mangroves, magical forests

15 / Oct / 2021

The Race to Restore Costa Rica’s Mangroves By William Callejas - Board of Advisors, Corcovado Foundation On Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, three vital mangrove restoration projects are underway. Their survival or loss is in the balance, and the implications for all...

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Hear about Heidi’s adventures in Corcovado

23 / Aug / 2021

By Heidi Warner - Donor I have always loved nature and wildlife. Before I could read and understand the content, I thumbed through old National Geographic magazines that my grandmother had accumulated over the years. It was in those magazines...

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Hint – this is a love story.

02 / Jun / 2021

By Bill MacLachlan Corcovado Foundation President How on earth did a Canadian from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains become the President of Corcovado Foundation? Bord Of Directors I am fascinated with balancing humanity and nature and the sustainable...

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7th grocery delivery for Drake Bay communities.

08 / Sep / 2020

Please help the Corcovado Foundation continue making grocery deliveries for seniors and the most impoverished families in Drake Bay. During the COVID 19 Pandemic, the economic situation in Drake Bay has been extremely critical. Drake's population lives directly or indirectly...

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Environmental education, adapted to the “new reality”.

08 / Sep / 2020

For more than 17 years, our environmental education program has been working with boys and girls from the Osa Peninsula communities. Every week our environmental educator, Helena, taught 155 children in 6 schools and held meetings in the afternoons with...

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Supporting sustainable tourism in the South Pacific

08 / Sep / 2020

Improvement for 5 Protected Wild Areas of the South Pacific Corcovado, Marino Ballena, and Piedras Blancas National Park, La Amistad International Park and Golfito Wildlife Refuge will benefit from 1700 million colones to improve their tourism infrastructure. (see the detail...

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A very different season.

11 / Jul / 2020

The lifeblood of our Sea Turtle Protection Program — our International volunteers. For 15 years, our Sea Turtle program has been helping thousands of baby sea turtles make it to the ocean.  By the end of 2019, we had protected...

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Sea Turtle Conservation Program – Season 2020

30 / May / 2020

The Osa Foundation, led by Jonathon Miller, began the Sea Turtle Conservation Project in 2001, to protect the nesting sea turtles at Rincon Beach. Rincon de San Josecito Beach is an important nesting beach in the region where the species...

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Second food delivery

14 / May / 2020

Last May 1st, we took advantage of Labor Day to celebrate it in the best way: working for a good cause. On April 30th and May 1st, we carried out the second delivery of food packages and cleaning supplies to...

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Climate change challenge in the times of COVID 19

17 / Apr / 2020

Every day, the COVID-19 crisis presents new challenges for everyone. In the wake of this pandemic, we decided to adapt the Corcovado Foundation’s mission to Protect, Preserve, and Participate, by expanding our scope to meet some of the emerging challenges...

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A helping hand in times of crisis

15 / Apr / 2020 Ganado is a small pueblo in the jungles of the Osa Peninsula, 15 kilometers from Drake Bay in Costa Rica. The road in the area is often washed out by flooding and erosion, adding to its isolation. Versabe and Polin are...

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What are we working on?

07 / Apr / 2020

Embracing change In an effort to try to stay closer, motivated, and sane, we are directing our efforts by using our platforms and networks to support the community we serve. Our goals will be refocus on collecting cleaning goods and...

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Managing Life in a COVID-19 World

20 / Mar / 2020

As we consider the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is clear that we are all navigating uncharted waters. Our “new lives” distance us from our friends and extended families, disrupting every aspect of our regular schedules and a sense of personal...

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Sea turtles are coming back!

12 / Mar / 2020

The Osa Peninsula is nesting home to sea turtles such as the Olive ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea), the Pacific Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), and the Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricate), the latter two being especially endangered. The role of the foundation. The Corcovado Foundation has...

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Our presidents farewell letter.

21 / Feb / 2020

Steven Lill y Vinicio Zamora, founders of Corcovado Foundation. Some 45 years ago, I landed on an unknown and wild shore in Costa Rica and began a great adventure. I knew from the start that I had found a special...

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If you are a sea turtle the odds are against you!

29 / Jan / 2020

Sea turtles releasing / Liberación de tortuguitas “If you are a sea turtle the odds are against you!”  I read somewhere.  This could not be truer. Only 1 in 1000 sea turtle eggs become adults old enough to reproduce. Only 1...

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