We are part of a great chain of people from all over the world who try to make this world a better place, for all of us and for the rest of the creatures that coexist with us.

Some of our latest achievements



Students have been received environmental education.

regenerative agriculture


Families at Drake Bay are being trained on regenerative agriculture.

sea turtle


Released baby turtles and 10,672 protected turtle nests

social impact


Food packages delivered to older adults and single mothers, during the pandemic, to reduce pressure on the environment.

Environmental Education Program

  • 5 Environmental groups of boys and girls from 5 Drake communities and 2 youth groups, with a total of 60 boys and girls, have carried out weekly awareness and environmental action activities for 18 years.
  • Coordination and implementation of social education activities to prevent adolescent pregnancy, gender equality, child abuse, commercial sexual exploitation in Drake educational centers.
  • 1200 environmental education manuals have been produced and delivered to civil society organizations and teachers, as a tool to apply environmental education in different spaces.
  • We are part of the Bandera Azul Ecológica committee, which got the blue flag for Drake’s school.
  • 4-day tours with 60 and 26 boys and girls from 7 communities to San Ramon, Museo de los Niños, Fossiland, Carara National Park. Other tours to Isla del Caño, Corcovado National Park, Marino Ballena National Park, rural tourism, whale and dolphin watching to promote personal, social and environmental skills.
  • Support in the creation of the ACOSA Junior Park Rangers educational program also we are working with a group of school youth in “Fauna Monitoring” with the Corcovado National Park.
  • 137 teachers from the Grande del Térraba Regional Office trained in “Education Guidelines for sustainable development”, in addition, the Environmental Education Manual was delivered to each of them in physical and digital form, as an educational tool.

Community Services

  • Organization of castrations for dogs and cats in the communities of Progreso and Los Angeles.
  • We have provided food for 300 dogs during the pandemic, to reduce the pressure on wildlife.
  • Christmas parties organized in the communities of Rincón, Caletas, Drake, Los Angeles, Progreso, Rancho Quemado, Banegas.
  • Support to achieve water supply at Los Angeles school.

Our team is the engine of this organization and our donors, volunteers and members are the driving force behind our environmental efforts. Their passion to protect the rainforest and make a better world is key to maintaining our work.

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