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We are protecting sea turtles, planting trees, promoting regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in highly degraded places in what used to be a virgin rain forest in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

The foundation’s volunteers learn about and support the local community in different regenerative practices: improving food security, protecting the water supply, and restoring biodiversity threatened by human and climate disruption.

Our goal is to reforest 5,000 trees by 2030, covering 5 hectares and protect 85 hectares in the hands of communities, which were vulnerable and degraded lands, as a way to join the United Nations (UN) call to action to join forces to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems around the world.

Reforesting 12 acres by 2023 will help us produce 1,730 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) over 20 years.


regenerative agriculture
Families at Drake Bay are being trained on regenerative agriculture.
sea turtle
Released baby turtles and 10,672 protected turtle nest
Students have been received environmental education.

Our programs

Sustainable Development and Climate Action

With this program you will do a combination of activities that include the following: forest restoration, regenerative agriculture and community activities.


As a volunteer, you will be able to participate in sea turtle conservation activities, such as night patrols, relocation of nests in the hatchery, recording scientific data, tagging turtles, exhumations of nests and releasing the hatchlings. You may also be asked to carry out tasks in ecotourism, environmental education and construction activities.

Teen Ambassador

Become an ambassador for the rainforests in Costa Rica.

Our teen volunteer programs combine learning from specialists regarding rainforest conservation with sustainability projects.

Help repair a school, teach English to children in rural areas, relocate sea turtle nests, learn about the complex relationships in this endangered bioregion, work side-by-side with families and local volunteers to raise awareness, find solutions, and experience life on the rainforest frontier.


  • Age: 16 years old or more
  • Minimun stay: 2 weeks
  • Good physical condition
  • Basic Spanish or English
  • You must be friendly, communicative.
  • Able to work in extreme weather conditions for 4-6 hours per day.
  • You must have a medical travel insurance policy for the duration of your stay.
  • COVID-19 vaccine or Negative PCR from your country.

what our volunteers say

For me, Corcovado Foundation has been one of the best experiences. Nowhere else I had the opportunity to see turtles and getting here was a dream.

Keytlin Solano

For me the experience has been incredible in every way. I feel that I have been too fortunate to live this experience that appeared in difficult times that society lives and for me coming here was a relief.

Rodrigo Alvarado

Help us reach our goal of planting 1,000 trees by 2021.

Our Allies


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