2000 trees by 2022

08 / Sep / 2022

We are planting trees; these are our babies, growing strong! “You should have seen Helena!” Francisco exclaimed, “she was carrying a heavy backpack, her baby on her thigh, and the basket filled with trees as she walked up the hill!” Francisco...

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Protecting Costa Rica’s Ecosystems

20 / Jan / 2022

by Josie Humbert - Volunteer How two weeks changed my life This past summer, I traveled to Central America to support the work of The Corcovado Foundation, whose mission is to protect Costa Rica’s natural heritage for future generations. By...

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Corcovado Foundation Origins Story

19 / Oct / 2021

By Bradd Johnson - Founding director of the Corcovado Foundation The Corcovado Foundation Origins captures stories of the Osa and the creation and development of the Corcovado Foundation, seen through eyes of some of the people who first brought it to...

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Mangroves, magical forests

15 / Oct / 2021

The Race to Restore Costa Rica’s Mangroves By William Callejas - Board of Advisors, Corcovado Foundation On Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, three vital mangrove restoration projects are underway. Their survival or loss is in the balance, and the implications for all...

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