Bill MacLachlan

William MacLachlan is a Past Chairman of Mawer Investment Management Ltd., from 1993 to 2016. Mawer is a Canadian independent investment management firm managing over $78 billion in assets for a broad range of clients. The firm serves foundations, trusts, pension plans, and not-for-profit organizations.

He managed several Mawer Funds early in his career there, including two Canadian stock funds. He ran both the Private Client and Institutional areas at various times and oversaw marketing and client communication. Previously, he was a Partner at Bissett and Associates Investment Management Ltd. from 1990 to 1993.

Mr. MacLachlan joined the Treasury Department of the Bank of Montreal in 1980, rising to become Chief Trader, Cash Markets for Canada from 1986 to 1990. Mr. MacLachlan earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder with investment experience since 1977. He is a past President of the Calgary CFA Society and has been a CFA exam grader at the University of Virginia for the CFA Institute. He has also served as a past Treasurer of the Alberta Region of the Canadian Pension and Benefits Conference, on the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business Management Advisory Council and was a Senator of the Calgary Zoo. Bill is a past President of Aspen Family and Community Services and was also on the Board of Directors for the Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts. He served as Chairman of the Investment Committee for the United Church of Canada Foundation and was also a member of The Board of Governors of The Calgary Petroleum Club.

In 2015, he joined the Board of Trustees of the Wicekaskosiw Sahkahikan Askiwi-Pimiy Heritage Trust Fund (Onion Lake Cree Nation) and is now the Chair of the Investment Committee. Since his retirement, Bill MacLachlan has focused on several Boards and Committees, including the Hull Foundation’s Investment Committee and The Corcovado Foundation of Costa Rica, where he is currently President. Bill has a home in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, near Puerto Jiménez, and owns the Cloudmaker forest reserve near Santa Juana, between Quepos and Dota. He also supports Osa Rescue and the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bradd Johnson

Bradd is an American citizen native of Rhode Island, who has lived in Costa Rica since 1980. He felt in love with Costa Rica since he first arrived here.  He loved its friendly people and its luscious forest.

He found a remote spot to develop his project and that’s when he purchased Aguila de Osa Hotel, and successfully run it since then. He has been known for his involvement in community activities, especially supporting the local health clinic and the school.

Bradd was key in activating the Corcovado Foundation in 1998 when loggers were devastating the Golfo Dulce Forestry Reserve. He then reached out to Steven Lill, founder of the Corcovado Foundation, and his neighbor the late Michael Kalmbach and asked them to join forces behind the Corcovado Foundation to stop this horrible activity and they did. Since then Bradd has been a key member of this organization, supporting its efforts on an ongoing basis.

Jim Damalas

“Looking back now, I was a Hollywood producer who fortunately escaped the frantic pace of Hollywood back in 1992. I soon became convinced that this tiny democratic oasis, with so many diverse tropical climate zones, and more biodiversity compared to all of North America combined, was the answer to my search for my own salvation.

I began my second career as a part time resident, commuting between cultures while pursuing my dream. That dream was to build a boutique hotel practicing sustainable hospitality, starting with a few rooms in 1993, and ended up taking me back to the very same destination where I first pitched my tent to camp on a beach that was to become the world famous National Park of Manuel Antonio. All that eventually led to creating Greentique Hotels.

It now has been 20 years of sharing our unique boutique brands of Costa Rican hospitality. It has evolved from the 7 hours it took on a 4×4 journey of pot filled dirt roads and flat tires to a super paved highway that now takes us just 2.5 hours to get to the resort at Si Como No from the capital of San Jose. Lots of progress has come to Costa Rica’s infrastructure, and though it’s had its costs on the simple pace I discovered back in the seventies, the country still remains committed to sustainable development.”

Elmer Uva Beita

Elmer is a merchant in Sierpe de Osa. He serves as president of the Development Association, secretary of the Board of Education, president of the Sierpe District Council and is a member of the Osa Municipal Council.

Elmer is an active member of the community and key member of our organization.

Stephanie Mory Villaseñor

Stephanie Mory Villaseñor cursó estudios de bachiller en Turismo Ecológico en la Universidad de Costa Rica. Se graduó como licenciada en Gestión y Gerencia de Turismo Sostenible de a Universidad Estatal a Distancia y cuenta con un Máster en Espacios Naturales Protegidos, de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Ha laborado por 12 años en el Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (SINAC), específicamente el Área de conservación Osa (ACOSA) donde ha realizado labores de turismo, monitoreo, gestión comunitaria, educación ambiental y administración de áreas silvestres protegidas. Fue participante de la delegación costarricense que asistió a la Conferencia de las partes del Convención de la diversidad biológica (COP), celebradas en Cancún, México y Egipto, en 2016 y 2018, respectivamente

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