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Main Donors

Major Sponsors

Major Sponsors donate more than $800 per year, or have made sizable one off grants to one of our programs.

Gold Members

Gold Members donate between $300 and $800 per year.

Silver Members

Silver Members donate up to $300 per year.

Make a Difference

Make a Difference members donate $1 per day for each tourist that uses their services.

You can Become a Member!

Our programs depends on donations from people like you, we invite you to make a difference.

You can help us to promote our carbon offset campaign. Your contribution ($20.00 per person) will be used to plant a native tree, which will offset the carbon footprint of a two week vacation in Costa Rica (including lodging and local transportation). Every tree will carry a distinctive code, linked to every donor. This code will allow you to locate the tree via Google EARTH.

As a hotel or tour operator, you can also be part of the Make a Difference Program which involves making a small donation of $1.00 per tourist which will be used for conservation programs. Your logo will be displayed on our website and we will encourage visitors to use your services.

The Corporate Memberships Program is available for as little as $50 per month. Your company can become an important contributor of the Corcovado Foundation and the protection of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Just some of the benefits that your company will receive are:

  • Volunteers
  • Joint activities of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Training in Environmental Conservation issues, work with communities.
  • Introductory talk to your staff about the Corcovado Foundation.
  • Thank you letters for your support of the Corcovado Foundation.

Any donation made to the Corcovado Foundation is tax deductible in Costa Rica.

Donate to our causes

Your donation can be tax deductible in Costa Rica / USA  / UK

Corcovado National Park Rescue Project!
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Creating the Environmental Leaders of the New Mil
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Sea Turtle Conservation & Environmental Education
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Osa Community Support Fund
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Amigos of Costa Rica
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International Conservation Fund of Canada
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