We are part of a great chain of people from all over the world who try to make this world a better place, for all of us and for the rest of the creatures that coexist with us.

2018 Achievements

Our sea turtle project relocated 81 nests in the turtle hatchery in 2018.

4,171 sea turtle hatchlings have been released to the ocean, during this season.

6 Drake Bay schools have received environmental education in 2018, more than 3 sessions implemented, which have reached a total of 155 students. Lot less that last year due to the Ministry of Education 5 months general strike.

6 children from 4 environmental groups from Drake Bay participated in a total of 111 extracurricular activities. These workshops are really important for these children since these are the only extracurricular activities that are available in their communities. Together children learn about arts, write their own plays and make their costumes, recycle, organize beach clean ups, and find their voice in their community.

32 girls and boys from Drake Bay participated in 3 tours whale watching tours and a tour to the Corcovado National Park overnight tour.

A resident Birds Festival organized together with the Guides Association of Drake Bay.

A play prepared by the children of Drake Bay, regarding how humans need to protect their ecosystems, presented at the Regional Arts Student Festival and the Mangroves Festival in Sierpe.

Active participation in the Single Use Plastic Committee, which has managed to include a clause in the Municipality’s regulations requiring companies to eliminate the use of single use plastic from their operations in order to obtain their permits.

26 companies informed in Drake Bay of the importance of disposing of single-use plastic.

3 familiarization tours with Drake entrepreneurs to promote the rural tourism projects of Rancho Quemado and Progreso and 23 talks held to promote rural community tourism within Drake’s businesses.

4 Christmas parties held for 4 schools in Drake Bay, 116 gifts distributed to the boys and girls of Drake Bay.

12 business plans prepared for community rural tourism companies in La Amistad International Park.

An emergency plan prepared for the Cabecar trail in La Amistad International Park, which will help the community obtain its use permit and receive a direct benefit from the protected area.

2 MINAE employees and 1members of the communities of the La Amistad Pacifico Conservation Area trained in the design, construction and management of trails by the Colorado State University.

40 people from the communities surrounding La Amistad International Park trained in business administration, accounting, labor code, social networks and other topics related to the development of business initiatives.

Tourism and environmental education plans elaborated for Carara Los Quetzales and La Cangreja National Parks.

14 infrastructure plans prepared for protected areas throughout the country.

Delimitation plan for Hitoy Cerere national park elaborated.

Our team is the engine of this organization and our donors, volunteers and members are the driving force behind our environmental efforts. Their passion to protect the rainforest and make a better world is key to maintaining our work.

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