Tiger Haven

The Corcovado Foundation and Tiger Haven Society India have agreed on a collaboration that begins with the exchange of knowledge and experiences and the search for joint projects and financing. Click here to learn more about the Tiger Haven Society.

Click here to know more about Tiger Haven Society India.

SUMMA Consultores

SUMMA Consultores is an expert company in the area of architectural design with more than 15 years of experience in the integral management of design and construction projects. They collaborate with the Corcovado Foundation in design and consultancies to improve the infrastructure of the foundation. Click here to learn more about Summa Consultores.

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The Osa Tourism Chamber – CATUOSA, works as a support for Osa Tourism companies, in addition to working together for issues that positively affect the industry. Click here to know more about CATUOSA

Andover Trees United

Andover Trees United is a volunteer-led group and registered charity working in partnership with schools, local authorities, businesses, specialist environmental organizations, artists and other creative practitioners to promote conservation and improve access to natural wild spaces in Andover, U.K.

We are currently working with the team in delivering an exciting new project called the Nature in Harmony Exchange Project.

Through this project, we will provide young people with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of ecology and conservation through wildlife surveying and developing their own mini projects, connected to nature and tailored to their own interests.

Through communication between the young people of Andover and Drake Bay, they will be able to share and compare their findings with each other, develop friendships and learn more about the differences and similarities between our environments, lifestyles and cultures.

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