2nd edition of the Seeds with Identity Festival in Drake Bay.

24 / Nov / 2022

As part of its regenerative agriculture program, the Corcovado Foundation will be celebrating the second edition of the Seeds with Identity will be celebrating the second edition of the Seeds with Identity Festival in Drake Bay, where twenty-five regenerative farmers will meet on December 3 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Agujitas school plaza, with a wide variety of organically produced products.

Preserves, pesto, plants, vegetables and seeds will be available for shoppers.

All of these products come from local farms, produced regeneratively, with seeds that are free of genetic modifications free of genetic modifications, seeds with identity. A seed with identity is a local seed produced where it is harvested, which is adapted to its area and therefore more resilient to climate change. “Seeds with identity are like us, they have adapted to their environment, they adapt to droughts and torrential rains,” explained Helena Pita, environmental educator at the Corcovado Foundation.

Regenerative agriculture is a method of farming that completely eliminates the use of agrochemicals, naturally enriches soils and improves agricultural production in a sustainable way, protects pollinators and helps farmers to better adapt to climate change.

Since April 2020, the Corcovado Foundation began implementing a project in communities in Drake Bay, a regenerative agriculture project to provide people with food security by planting their own gardens on their homes or farms.

Protecting native seeds

In our country, there have been several attempts to privatize seeds, so that all seeds are standardized; a plan that undermines traditional food culture, biodiversity, healthy agricultural practices and the right to eat.

The defense and promotion of native seeds with identity, is part of the struggle to disempower national and transnational corporations that profit from the sale of native seeds, most of them artificially genetically modified.

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