The sea turtle project in Punta Mala: we need volunteers

08 / Sep / 2022

We are back, and we need help at Punta Mala-Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge during the 2022 sea turtle season. This wildlife refuge is a government-run protected area. When we first arrived there, 90% of all the nests were being destroyed by poachers, overpopulation of raccoons and coatis, and increasingly severe tides, which were washings nests away. There is an urgent need to help protect these nests immediately.

We offer the opportunity for people who wants to make a difference and actively participate in the conservation of endangered sea turtles in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

As a volunteer, you will participate in conservation, environmental education, and ecotourism activities. As a result, you will meet new people and can immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness and genuine Costa Rican culture. Our successful strategy combines environmental education and conservation activities to give local communities a viable socioeconomic alternative to poaching.

Your financial contribution will not only be used for your room and board but also help us pay for supplies and the salaries of biologists who will work with you. So, you will be contributing with your talent and financial support to maintain the program.

If you are interested, please e-mail or click here for more information.

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