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08 / Sep / 2022

This Biohostel is owned and operated by the Corcovado Foundation. The Biohostel is the home of our environmental education, regenerative agriculture, and restoration program.

We do a lot of work, and all of this is possible because we have our Biohostel, is the heart of our efforts.

Your support will help us finish our school farm for visitors, provide bicycles for volunteers and students and increase our impact.

Our environmental education has been evolving to meet the challenges of our times. When COVID arrived and there were no jobs to be found, we presented children and parents with chickens, fruit trees and regenerative agriculture training, and seed money to start their own regenerative farms. Now we are teaching kids in schools about planting their own organic gardens, by building and planting a garden in their schools. We are also working with ranchers and other farmers to plant trees and restore river ecosystems.

We are also restoring government land with native trees. The trees are purchased when they have several months of growth to guarantee their survival and they are monitored and cared for monthly. We have had a great survival ratio with our trees. Some of them are already two meters (six feet) tall. The trees have been donated by another local NGO or have been purchased from two women-run nursery projects.

Donate or come to our Biohostel. When you stay at the biohostel, take our tours, or volunteer, you support regenerative tourism. Our activities fight climate change, protect endangered species, and promote community development.

Maintaining the Biohostel running is costly, but it is a way to educate visitors and volunteers about ways to put words into action.

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