Hint – this is a love story.

02 / Jun / 2021

By Bill MacLachlan 
Corcovado Foundation President

How on earth did a Canadian from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains become the President of Corcovado Foundation?

Bord Of Directors

I am fascinated with balancing humanity and nature and the sustainable strategies required to achieve that balance. Thus, a lifetime of travels to 75 countries have largely focused on their wild places. I have been involved as a volunteer in NGOs for 25 years now, from Africa to the Caribbean to Canada.

I first came to Costa Rica about ten years ago, and my love affair with the country began. I first came to the Osa about five years ago, and the love affair deepened and matured. I knew that this was a unique place, a Garden of Eden in a country filled with so much natural beauty.

This visit took me to Bahia Drake, where I met Bradd, the owner of Aguila de Osa, and a founding director of the Corcovado Foundation. Bradd told me about all the work that is being done protecting turtles, environmental education, dealing with illegal logging and gold mining, poaching, food security, and so much more.

His genuine passion and commitment inspired me, and as I learned more about the organization, the devotion of their staff and their board, and the tremendous work they do, I got involved. Now, I have a home in Osa, and am in awe of all that the foundation does and the extent of their now 30-year influence.

Food package deliveries in Drake Bay.

The Corcovado Foundation has made a difference, a huge difference, but the work is far from over. My career was in finance, so I understand the concept of value for money, so I focus on grassroots, locally connected efforts. I have never seen an NGO do so much with so little as the Corcovado Foundation.

The foundation continues to inspire me! This organization needs your help. Osa needs your help. You can make a difference.

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