7th grocery delivery for Drake Bay communities.

08 / Sep / 2020

Please help the Corcovado Foundation continue making grocery deliveries for seniors and the most impoverished families in Drake Bay.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, the economic situation in Drake Bay has been extremely critical. Drake’s population lives directly or indirectly from international tourism, and families have been idle for months without any income.

Drake Bay

The elderly is the most vulnerable sector of the population. Most of them survive with the help of their sons and daughters, who currently do not have a job or income.

Our work in Drake Bay communities

For this reason, we have taken on the task of collecting donations to bring these very vulnerable individuals a package with food once a month, which allows them to survive with some dignity while we wait that the world goes back to normal.

Drake Bay

Helena and Mayra, our environmental education and community management team, are the ones who have taken on the task of studying each family and each case to determine who the most destitute and needy people are.

They receive the purchases, separate the packages, distribute them house to house, ensuring that older adults do not have to leave their home, or put themselves at risk of catching COVID-19. 

Drake Bay

Our team tells us that the gratitude that they receive from these families when they are distributing these packages is very touching. 

They never leave without a “May God bless you for what you are doing.”

Drake Bay’s Seniors are Survivors! They raised their families in a tremendously isolated area, where the roads are unreliable, where getting to a medical center involved a day trip and where they had to work hard to survive. In other words, they have known what it is like to distribute a hard-boiled egg among five members of the family; it is time to help them.

Small actions can make the difference for Drake Bay families.

Since the beginning of the country’s closure from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been collecting donations from beautiful people who, with the most incredible generosity in the world, have supported our efforts. Thanks to them, we raised USD 7,998 between March and June. With this, we made 250 deliveries of food packages on five occasions to the 50 most needy families in Drake Bay.

Drake Bay

We have a balance of USD 1,300, thanks to a donation of USD 500 made by the Steller-Ludwig Foundation, which will allow us to make the sixth installment. But we need to continue supporting these older adults until the end of this year.

We can do this together!

This pandemic will not last forever, Drake Bay will recover. However, regular tourist activity is not expected to return possibly after December. The coming months are critical. We need to continue to show solidarity and extend our hand to those who need us most.

Please help us continue to support them; a small donation can make a big difference for them.

From the 14th to the 18th of September, GlobalGiving will be launching the Little by Little Campaign. Every donation of $50 USD or less will be matched at a 50%.

Let’s help Drake Bay communities!

Drake Bay

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