Climate change challenge in the times of COVID 19

17 / Apr / 2020

Every day, the COVID-19 crisis presents new challenges for everyone. In the wake of this pandemic, we decided to adapt the Corcovado Foundation’s mission to Protect, Preserve, and Participate, by expanding our scope to meet some of the emerging challenges that are impacting lives on the Osa Peninsula. The first expansion was to address hunger among the elderly in the area. Our second expansion will be to reach children remotely.

Our challenge now is to maintain educational engagement with the children in the rural communities surrounding Drake Bay. Before COVID-19, our Children and Youth group of 50 boys and girls from four different communities, met weekly to work together with us on environmental issues. They will be the agents of change for the future, so we cannot leave them behind.

To that end, we have been working with them remotely for the past four weeks through an initiative we call “Environmental Challenges.” We put together videos and propose activities regarding the environment that must be completed each week. They use the modest data plans of their parents’ phones to download our videos and experiments, and then share their achievements with us. With schools being closed, as well as beaches and parks, the content and activities we send them each week are their only educational activity.

These kids can see the environmental challenges facing Costa Rica and the rest of the world. We want to continue to motivate them by keeping them engaged from the safety of their homes, so they remain aware, active, and committed.  All the activities involve play and experimentation and content are made available through

Parents have been involved in their children’s efforts by helping them research and helping them record the videos.

We are excited to see of how these activities bring parents and children together to work and learn. A mother told us how she had taken her son to visit the mangrove swamp to better characterize this ecosystem and to help him prepare for his environmental challenge.

We are extremely proud of them and their efforts, and we believe that their actions are what will help us make our planet a better place.

The impact of climate change —floods, droughts, raging fires, and super storms, will not pause and wait for us to come out of this pandemic. We must preserve, protect, and participate with as much conviction, passion, and innovation as possible.

Beginning April 20, we will focus on climate change.  The Foundation will continue to empower youth to help mitigate the damage, reduce the human activity that makes it worse, and ultimately, adapt new kinds of sustainable economic activity that returns some equilibrium to the existential equation. 

This month, our environmental education program was selected among many participants to be part of the 2020 Climate Action Campaign.  This is a chance for the Corcovado Foundation to win one of five, year-long slots in the GlobalGiving Climate Action Fund. Over the next twelve months, The Foundation could receive an estimated $10,000 or more from the fund.

The campaign will run for five days from April 20 – 24 in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, which is Wednesday, April 22. Throughout the week, all eligible donations up to $500 will be matched at 50%. 

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