Managing Life in a COVID-19 World

20 / Mar / 2020

As we consider the COVID-19 global pandemic, it is clear that we are all navigating uncharted waters. Our “new lives” distance us from our friends and extended families, disrupting every aspect of our regular schedules and a sense of personal freedom. We have had vacations, business trips, and meetings canceled. Sadly, almost every one of us will lose some income, possibly our jobs or even our businesses. We simply don’t know how this all plays out.

So, as we strive to keep our loved ones safe and hold on to some sense of normalcy in our lives, we all need to spread as much kindness as we possibly can.

I have faith that the measures taken by the Costa Rican, U.S. and Canadian governments, as well as others the world over, help flatten the curve by slowing the spread of the virus, thus reducing at least some of the strain on the world’s health systems. It may even buy us some critical time needed to develop a vaccine.

But like a devastating storm or earthquake, the aftermath of these measures will see entire towns and extended communities crushed by job and income loss. It is a scenario playing out in thousands of communities across the planet where people depend on tourism and other industries to survive.

In an effort to try to stay closer, motivated, and sane, the Corcovado Foundation will refocus our efforts to use our platforms and networks to support those who need us the most. Our objectives will shift to collecting goods and cleaning supplies for the most vulnerable population at the moment — the elderly people of Drake Bay. 

We have served this community for over 20 years. With tourism being the main source of income in the areas around Drake Bay, the elderly will be among the first and hardest-hit victims of the COVID. We will, therefore, direct our talents, energy, and time to collect money and goods, then deliver food baskets and supplies to help lessen at least some of the health risks and economic damage facing the elderly.

But we expect the economy will be restored eventually and our people and people around the world will create new ways to do things.  New paradigms.  New perspectives. 

There may even be a reassessment of priorities and values. Maybe we don’t need to fly 1000 miles for a meeting, or perhaps we’ll think twice about vacationing on one of those floating Petri dishes called cruises. Maybe we no longer shake hands. Other cultures have figured out other ways to greet each other.

But what we need to do right now is to make sure COVID-19 doesn’t bring out the worst in us as human beings.  We need to believe in each other, to be tolerant, and empathetic given we don’t know what other people are going through. 

And above all, we need to be kind, thinking about how we can help each other by using our gifts for the common good.  There is a bright side in everything so let’s find it.  Let’s think of small ways to help the economy to keep running. If you can, get more take out, use delivery services, or do curbside pick-up at your favorite restaurants and shops. And please, let’s not buy all the Purell, wipes, or toilet paper. Other people need to stay clean too!  

And though right now, the most important thing we must do is to stay away from each other, that doesn’t mean to disconnect. As we are all in this together, let’s use our devices to hold on to our relationships and keep them thriving.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Let’s prove it. Be positive. Keep the laughter going between us. If allowed in your community, meet up with each other and walk the neighborhoods and parks. Just stay 1.5 meters apart!

As always, we at the Corcovado Foundation are deeply appreciative of your support. There is a need now, so if you can, please help us provide some relief for the most vulnerable in the remote places of Costa Rica in this time of need.  Any amount made will help us bring some relief to those that need it the most.

Whatever the “new normal” is when we come out of this pandemic, we’ll remember that we got through it together because we chose to stand together in caring and kindness.

You can collaborate in several ways:

  • Economic contribution to buy groceries: Make your donation with credit card at this link. In “type of donation” select “other” and detail that your donation is for the elderly’s.
  • In kind donation: Contact us at WhatsApp +506 7239 5243 to coordinate.
  • You can also make your donation by bank transfer. Contact us for more details.

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