Our presidents farewell letter.

21 / Feb / 2020

Steven Lill y Vinicio Zamora, founders of Corcovado Foundation.

Some 45 years ago, I landed on an unknown and wild shore in Costa Rica and began a great adventure. I knew from the start that I had found a special place, one that was full of life and sunshine, surrounded by forest and sea. My life was filled with the rhythms and whims of something much bigger than anything I had known, and I learned to be part of a whole.

With my best friend from high school, Lon, we planted cocoa on deforested land on our property and tried to show that there were other options to generate income rather than cutting down the rainforest to make cattle ranches. My friend and I often talked about what we could do and how it was important to protect this hidden paradise and maintain it pristine and unspoiled. Time went by and Lon died, and I decided to create a foundation that would honor his memory and keep his name alive in our beloved
Osa Peninsula. So, on February 6th, 1992 my friend Vinicio Zamora and I created The Fundación Corcovado Lon Willing Ramsey Junior.

Later, we were joined by two courageous men, Bradd Johnson and the late Mike Kalmbach. Together we dreamed of an organization that would help protect the Corcovado National Park and other protected areas of the country, that would help the conservation of natural resources, that would raise awareness in the communities and much more. In my mind, I had a vision of an organization that could positively affect the future of this area, which I love.

I understood that I had a responsibility to protect and share this special place, the Osa Peninsula and region, for all who would come after, and it has been my honor to do so. Almost thirty years later, I ca look back and feel the satisfaction of duty fulfilled.

The Corcovado Foundation is a leading organization in the conservation of the natural resources of the area. This organization has managed to touch the lives of thousands of people, who have benefited in different ways, The foundation is an organization that achieves what it proposes, whose team shares with me my dream for this area and for all Costa Rica and that is an example of commitment, efficiency and transparency.

However, at this point in my life, I feel the need to simplify and reduce the responsibilities that I have. I believe that the foundation can benefit from a new president, with new ideas and new energy, someone who shares with me my passion for the conservation of natural resources, socia development and global problems that afflict us.

That is why, in January of this year, I presented my resignation as president of the board of directors and invited Mr. William MacLachlan to serve in that position. Mr. MacLachlan is a person whose love for nature, balanced opinions, and extensive experience in working on boards of nonprofit organization should greatly benefit the foundation.

Additionally, Mr. Jim Damalas joins the board of directors as secretary. Jim has been a trailblazer in the conservation of natural resources in Costa Rica, whose experience in promoting sustainable tourism has made him a leader on this subject in the country.

I leave the board of directors to become a member of the board of advisors. I leave the board with the satisfaction of my duty fulfilled and with the confidence that this new board, together with our team, will be able to make this organization a stronger and more competent entity, in order to better serve the communities we work with and the natural resources we protect.

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